Customised Products

Operated Stationary Lift Platforms

Model: Lift Platform

For transporting material from one floor level to another within a building, A.C. operated Lift Platforms of BAKA INDIA are the most economical and rugged equipment. Flame proof version for use in Explosive areas are also offered.

Scissor Lift Table

Model: SHT

Scissor Lift tables for Loading, Bringing up to work height, Pallet transporting applications also form a part of the BAKA INDIA product range. These could be Manual as well as Power driven electro-hydraulic Lift types. Capacity of upto 5000 kg as well as Table size –3000x2500 mm and Lift – 1500 mm- 2000mm.

Battery Operated Moving Mast Stacker

Model: EGSV 3000-10 Spl

Among many custom built equipments manufactured by BAKA INDIA, Battery Operated Moving Mast Stacker of 3000 kgs with lift height of 1000mm with Electric Steering and Side Shifter facility have also been supplied.

Battery Operated Stand-On Stacker with Power Steering

Model: RS-16

With Battery Operated Stackers becoming a base version for small and medium sized plants and warehouses, a need for a Faster, Compact and user friendly equipment in areas of larger volume of handling has resulted in BAKA INDIA offering Battery Operated Stacker with Operator Stand In cabin provided with Electric Steering which fulfills the need of convenient and efficient handling of material within plants and warehouses. Economy in floor requirement with shorter Aisle Width in comparison to the standard Stacker.

Battery Operated Flame Proof Stacker & Pallet Trucks

Model: EHS / EHP

Battery Operated Material Handling equipments suitable for use in Flame Proof areas of both Zone 1 and Zone 2 are offered by BAKA INDIA from the range of products manufactured by M/s.Stoecklin Logistik Ltd., Switzerland. They could be Battery Operated Stackers or Battery Operated Pallet trucks as well as various other Material Handling equipments. These equipments carry ATEX certification.

Battery Operated Hebel Rollers

Model: HR / EGZ

One of the most common application of Material Handling in Textile and similar industries are handling of A Frames. BAKA INDIA offer the Manual Hydraulic Hebel Rollers as well as Battery Operated Hebel Rollers which are being successfully in Textile, Glass and various other industries across the country.

Battery Operated Die Loader

Model: EGV-DL

One of the most popular application in industry being of Die and Mould loading is facilitated by BAKA INDIA through the Battery Operated Die Loader equipment. With Load capacity of upto 2000kg, heavy die handling functions are taken care of by this equipment.

Battery Operated Puller with Power Steering

Model: EGZ

When it comes to towing of Special trollies in assembly line or any other area , it would be hard to find a more convenient and user friendly equipment than the Battery Operated Puller developed by BAKA INDIA. The model with Electric Steering makes this equipment an ultimate for this segment.

Battery Operated Tow Truck

Model: EFS

For fast and convenient transporting of trollies the Tow Truck of BAKA INDIA has little competition. They are presently of 2 and 3 ton capacities and trucks of higher capacities are to follow soon.